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I definitely just spent 10 seconds trying to spell “beginnings” three times for the title of this until I finally got it right.  Sad.  Anyways, I thought this WordPress thing was quite cool, and definitely the best-looking and most useful one of these blog things online, especially in terms of organizing things to display pictures, my music updates, etc.

More importantly, though, I’m starting this so that I will be able to see the differences in my life over the next few years as a UCLA Bruin, because I know that many things will chance, I will change, I will mature, and God has so much in store for me.  This will be a good reflection of all that will happen, and I bet it will be interesting as it progresses.

Tomorrow, or later today I should say, is IM dodgeball championships!! haha, pretty exciting I must say, and I really hope that we win.  I want that T-shirt!  And then I get to rush back and perform in “Hedrick’s Got Talent.”  That’ll all be fun.  I’ll post pictures and videos later if that comes about.

Finals are soooo soon.  But I find so many little things that I need to do/finish/follow through on.  Beginnings!

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  1. Will Lau permalink
    03/25/2008 7:56 pm

    that’s pretty cool you’ve got one started as a freshmen…get to look back at your thoughts and rants…always awesome! keep it up mang

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