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The 10th Week Challenge


It is indeed 10th week already. I have my first final this coming Saturday, and it’s coming faster than I know. I’ve been trying to read these ridiculously long articles for my Asian American studies class, but it’s impossible! It’s just hard, because sometimes I don’t see the point. Some of these papers have the most off-the-wall ideas, and most of them really don’t relate to me very closely. There are 9.

So the 10th week challenge. I’m not going to use Facebook or AIM, for the sake of studying and also just to see if more face-to-face contact is plausible. It’s been good, it’s worked thus far. I always find other things to do online like watch TV shows or whatever so it hasn’t really helped as much in the time aspect, but it definitely has boosted the anti-online thing with my friends, it’s refreshing to communicate old school. But I’m only at the end of the first complete day, so we’ll see how this whole week goes.

JMac’s sermon this past Sunday really struck me. He preached about Jesus’ struggle and prayer in the Garden the night of His betrayal. It was interesting in the fact of Jesus’ temptation, and how it is an example for us in our struggle with temptation, yet he stressed the fact that although Christ is the model for this, we can never grasp the fact that Christ’s perfection puts His temptation in an opposing manner to ours.

Then there’s Christ’s struggle with temptation to the point of bloody sweat. Crazy. There were so many points that JMac brought up that I never really thought about or considered in Christ’s road to the cross. It all makes the sacrifice so much more and more great.

I’ll be home in the city in a little less than two weeks! But it just seems like so much has to happen between now and then, I hate it!

I’m trying to finish writing “For The Out of Control.”

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