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To Be Impassioned


I’m back in San Francisco! Clean, fresh-smelling air, good home-cooked food, and friends.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot on some things that really have convicted me and changed the way that I see things. In thinking about how/what I want to do eventually for a living, my eyes’ve opened so much to how many people really don’t have any idea what’s going on for their lives and their futures. “Adultolescence” kicks in (thanks Nate) and people put things off: marriage, thinking about a job, how they will serve. The biggest reason is HIGHER LEVEL EDUCATION. Now, because people are going to 1034820349 years of school, these things don’t “concern” them till a much later time. People “don’t want to think about it right now,” but really they should’ve thought these things out a few years ago (and if not, then now would be a good time).

I joke about it a lot, the fact that I’m one of the few North Campus majors in my fellowship’s freshman class, but honestly it pains me a lot to see so many people going in the other direction. Not to say that South Campus majors are devious or a bad idea, but really, many of these people are honestly pursuing careers because they are “smart and intelligent” individuals. It’s been their calling since they got straight-A’s in high school, they’re smart, so that means they’ll become a doctor or engineer.

Jon Foreman in Tulsa But that’s where I have a problem with it. Their pursuit of “higher education” and jobs for geniuses has become so much of an idol that they’ve lost sight of the most important things in life. They’ll end up doing these things, never really having an impassioned and inspired longing to fulfill whatever it is God has in store with them; they get lost in the success of it (to be honest) instead of stopping and thinking: How will God be glorified in my work? How will I serve God in my job?

I’m not saying EVERYone who pursues these things is this way, many people are cut out for it and the world needs some of them. But to be honest, if our life’s goal is to glorify God, what are we doing pursuing things contrary to that? I think there’s a serious need for reexamination. Most of the older people say “Oh, don’t worry, most of those people will switch majors come next year.” But we need to wake up now and realize: pursue something that you know you will be able to glorify God to the highest degree with! But if it really is as a doctor or engineer, then so be it!

Ask yourself one thing: If your goal in life is to bring God the utmost glory, then why not make it your profession?

Be impassioned in the things you do and what you pursue!

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  1. 06/09/2008 12:44 am

    Good thoughts matt. I just popped in here from profile stalking you during SPRING quarter’s finals week, haha (see how much i’m studying too? blegh).

    Anyway, I would agree with you that south campus majors have a greater susceptibility to pursuing things simply because of the “potential money-making and ambitious-life-fulfilling” desires that you have talked about here. I definitely feel the pull and the temptation to fall into that kind of thinking as well.

    I think its good for us to also think about how this could also be a potential danger for north campus majors as well, as Satan is not selective in his temptations to college students. Where is there danger for the Humanities? How could life also be difficult in the future in terms of glorifying God? If not about the academia/financial craze, then what? I definitely forsee you growing immensely through thinking through these things, and how the Word applies to your life on these issues.

    Have a good summer yo! I hope this blog won’t get abandoned, haha – it’s good.

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