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Winter Missions Detox


God is good.  Sometimes we don’t expect certain things, based on our finite human mindsets.  But really all the while, He has a far better plan for us.

Mostly, I think of unreached people as Africa, the Middle East, and anything more or less uncivilized that’s in between.  Even then, France and England are unreached countries in terms of the way they treat the Gospel.  But this year’s trip allowed God to open my eyes to the ‘unreached’ and needy souls in my home city.  He humbled me by showing me the insides of kids who all the same need Christ as much as some tribe of people across the ocean.

It’s easy to get comfortable with something after you’ve done it for a while, but again God reminded me of the need to humbly come before Him and trust Him fully for strength and wisdom in ministering to others.  It would’ve been easy to just do things out of repetition or just out of experience, but being humbled to serve the Lord in new and different ways was refreshing.

Constantly trying to remind myself of a never-ending gospel-mindedness was a challenge, and really, it should be the way I live all the time.  But all the same, it was a definite lesson to be focused on the Lord in my every conversation with the children.  Thank God for His overwhelming sufficiency that overcomes my weakness!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.

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