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Lost and Found: A Perspective Recommitment


I wanted to get these thoughts down while they were super fresh in my brain, so here goes:

Things started at GOC Men’s Retreat when I started having doubts as to whether (I know it sounds silly) I brought my guitar back to my room.  You see, I usually have a decently good memory for where/when things happen, as in, well I was thinking I hadn’t brought my guitar back to my room and put it in its place.

But I figured I’d forgotten that I’d brought it back.  The thought passed.

Fast forward 45 minutes, I’m taking the elevator back up to my dorm floor.

Oh yeah, my guitar.

Key insert, punch 4 numbers in, push door open.


I freaked out, literally.  I called all the people I possibly could have left it with or gotten rides from and so on.

Nothing. I left it in the parking lot…

Pacing. Call again, maybe people will be back.

Nothing. I definitely left it in the parking lot…

Let me back up for a second and explain about the guitar.  It’s a Gibson LP Studio, if that means anything to you.. probably not.  Basically it’s a pretty expensive piece of equipment.. at least to a college-age person like me.  I just got it the end of this past summer, so I haven’t even had it longer than a few months.

So just like that huh.. back to my cheap guitars..

My roommate came back, I left.  I ran to the elevator, hurriedly took it down, and sprinted to the “sound team” apartment.  Phone call.

They said they couldn’t find it.  Heart drop. “Oh I’m right outside, I’ll come in and just make sure.”

Rushed inside, another impatient elevator ride, another sprint to the bolted door of #205.

Frantic looking.  Nothing. Everyone else’s but mine.

One last look… behind the amplifiers and drum set against the wall.

A black case.  “Gibson” printed on the side.  Grab.  Open.

Wow.  There it is.

Rewind again…

That’s how things happened. But there was a whole thought process to it that I think maybe some people who have lost car/house keys or something relatively expensive can relate to.

Those moments I freaked out, those seconds I was thinking how my life would change not having it anymore, the bitterness that ensued in that short time.  All very very very indicative of the heart.  After the fact, of course, it all seemed so foolish.  But God was quite obviously showing me something here.

And on top of that, He ALLOWED for the guitar to be hidden behind the amps and drums against the wall, so that it was even possible for me to have to run all the way there, freak out an extra few seconds, and for Him to teach me this lesson to a greater extent.

How greatly I hold onto the things of this earth, even the very guitar I use to serve Him.  A Gibson Les Paul Studio is definitely not of eternal value if you ask me.  But it certainly seemed oh so important and heart-wrenching in those moments.  Yet the Gospel doesn’t quite seem to do that enough.  Scary.

Matthew 6:19-21 (NASB)

19(Y)Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

20“But store up for yourselves (Z)treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;

21for (AA)where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Seems like a fitting passage (yeah i’ve heard it before attitude warning).  But it certainly is a fitting reminder in terms of priorities deep down inside when it really really comes down to it.  In the “heat of the moment,” which is really not a valid excuse for our bad priorities, what really shows?  What needs to give?  A lot does, for me.. I trust God will teach me much in this area.

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