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Why I Don’t Like Chris Brown


There are lot of reasons for people to dislike Chris Brown.  Let’s take a look:

  1. the Rihanna fiasco
  2. the fact that he sweeps all the girls off their feet
  3. some of his stuff is just too lovey-dovey

The list could probably go on.. for a while.  But most of the things you could come up with probably wouldn’t be very close to why I don’t like Chris Brown.

You can probably figure out that I’m not picking on Chris Brown in particular; instead there is a specific trend that he embodies that presents a relevant, scarily popular, and seemingly harmless threat.

That is, the cultivation of an attitude toward love, life, happiness, and even indirectly, the way we our lives and our God. A stretch, you may think, but tell me that again in 5 minutes..

So obviously here, I have nothing against Chris Brown himself, he has an amazing voice, amazing talent, and certainly has his brighter moments. Necessary disclaimer.

You know the lyrics.  You know the dance moves.  You know the countless awards, the platinum albums, the singles, the tilted hats, the headlines, the hand signs, so on and so forth.

But why?  Why do you know these things?  Social figures like Chris Brown are so pervasive–all over the news, all over the radio, all over the Internet.  The beat gets stuck in your head.. the lyrics roll over in your mind.. you whistle the melody over and again.

I’m not talking about a mind control conspiracy here.. but the development of a blasé attitude toward things that are “borderline,” an ignorance to lyrics, attitudes, and ultimately a worldview that totally and completely contradicts our call as followers or Christ.

Without diving into specific lyrics, there is a whole mindset that is cultivated–chipping away at our worldview: conceptions of love as opposed to God’s definition, dancing certain ways juxtaposed with how our bodies are to be used to glorify the Lord, pride against a Philippians 2 attitude of humility, a “self-made” thinking against God being our Helper and Provider..

I could spend an hour coming up with more, but I’m sure you get the point.  The minute we let our minds get consumed with even the faint tune of such songs (figuratively) is the minute we’ve piece by piece broken off bits of our commitment to the Lord and tossed them up in the air like confetti.

The danger comes because such music plays in the background as we eat in the dining places at school, on the radio, at public events, and before we know it, we seek it out, download it, and repeat it in our heads.  Sneakily pervasive, and all too often we as Christians openly embrace it.. even if halfway.

The Lord called his disciples to a complete abandonment of the things of this world–so should we act as believers with a newfound sense of awe and love to our Lord.  We are constantly sculpting our worldviews with the things we feed our minds with and the decisions we make, always a point for one team or the other–and our goal as Christ followers is not to simply beat the worldly team, but to keep its score at 0.

Quite plainly: are we disciples of Chris Brown, or disciples of Christ?  Of course there’s danger for being legalistic, but consider the cost, the cost of following Christ wholeheartedly.  Be in the world and not of it, embrace the things of the Lord, fill your mind with them.

Romans 12:2

2And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

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