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Headed to Uganda! (July 31-August 17)


So I certainly failed at openly communicating an exciting fact: I’m going to Uganda at the end of this month!  The current time (and all the way until my departure) is filled with working at the Sunset Learning Center again this summer, which has been a cool little thing on its own.

But, Uganda!  So many people ask why, how, how long, and why again.  So here it is:

I was challenged many times by friends and my pastor to consider overseas STM (short term ministries) trips during the college years– all as a way to grow spiritually, serve the Lord, and get a taste of world missions for future possibility.  In considering the different trips, the trip to Uganda stood out to me because of the combined spiritual and physical needs in the area– as well as working with the awesome missionaries there– the Hurley family.

The country of Uganda is well known for the “Invisible Children” fiasco put on by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army, all of which is actually stemmed off of a misinterpretation of the Bible (Jesus’ command to go and be fishers of men taken as abduction).  Sadly enough, this “issue” continues and not much can be done be continually offer amnesty and forgiveness for wrongs.

For myself, there definitely is a temptation to be overexcited to depart on my trip to Uganda because it’s such a “cool” place to go where there is so much “need” and so much “change” that needs to happen.  It’s easy to be selfish and think about how amazing of a life experience it will be.

But what it comes down to is doing the Lord’s work, sharing the Gospel, and praying that my heart and the hearts of those I come in contact with are changed to be more like the Christ that died for our sins.  Sometimes as I think or pray about the trip, I get absorbed in how much material or spiritual change I will bring to the people in Kampala, Uganda–but then I realize that most likely it will my heart that changes most on this trip.  Knowing this– knowing that God is sovereign over all that occurs as we are there– is comforting.

So, after a few 8 or 9 hour flights, thousands of miles later, and anticipated time with the Ugandan people, join me in prayer that God will bring His work to pass simply using us as instruments for Him on our trip across the world.

If you’d like to receive my prayer letter– please email me at

I’ve received over 100% support financially for my trip–thank you to all who are supporting me in this way!

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