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Life As We Know It


I feel like I’m re-learning how to live life.  It’s not that I need to readjust to living in the comfort of the States again, although it’s nice to be able to take a long shower everyday. It’s not that I need to get used to eating American food, although it is nice to not have to eat posho and beans every day.  It’s more than that..

During my time in Uganda, God showed me a lot about my perspectives on life–trusting Him more, contentment, materialism, and love.  A total restructuring of my outlook on things, you could say.

One of the things I remember most is something Shannon Hurley said while sharing his story with us:

“The world loves till it hurts.  We’re called to love beyond that–Christ loved till He died”

One of the Ugandan village schools we visited (more on that later):


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