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“This is Africa!”

A favorite saying on our trip.

Beyond the critters, bugs, ghettotastic village houses, and crazy kids, God showed us far more than just an “experience” in the Africa that the first world knows and loves in philanthropic work.  I’ve found so many people challenge others after a medical or service project: “Go to Africa, it’ll change your WHOLE view on things!  Once you see those starving children, man, you’ll never live life the same way!”

By God’s grace, our trip was so much more than that.  Sure, I saw some things that have certainly changed my perspective on a whole lot.  But God very obviously put us in situations and conversations that taught us huge life lessons and takeaways that trump any ‘give-more-money-and-waste-less’ lesson anyday.

Case in point:

Seeing the difference in language, culture, manners, etc. in Uganda versus the states.  It was crazy to see so much difference, yet at the same time the depravity of man’s sin and the greatness of the grace of God to overcome that ultimately.  I have drunkard friends here in the US who need the Lord, men in Uganda grow plants to ferment into alcohol as their life’s pursuit.  Yet they are sinners all the same– and there is no Ugandan God and American God, it’s simply the one true God.  So much opened up for me in regards to God’s universal plan for His glory–something we all agree about in legitimacy, but is hard to grasp.  Awesome.

IMG_0240Last school during our schools evangelism ministry

On the other side of things, yes, it was TIA.  There were certainly monetary and physical issues that I saw that will forever have an impression on my thinking and outlook on life.  But then right away again–very obviously God’s hand in letting me see those things.  TIA-something you’d see “totally in Africa.”

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