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Effort, simply effort.


Reading.  Fun.  I ran across an interesting article the other day, entitled “Are Your Marketing Efforts Focused On High Potential Opportunities?”  Splendid.  Hopefully half of you know where this is going.

I’ve got to say, I’m not sure I’ve read an article that’s captured a worldly-entrepreneurial-business-use-people-for-what-they’re-worth mindset better.  It’s pretty good.  But then not.  Why?  Well, because quite frankly that’s the way we treat normal relationships and friendships.. and yes, the “high potential opportunities” could very likely possibly probably maybe be special someones we entertain in our minds.

Seriously, click the link.  Read the bolded subtitles at least.  Ridiculous you say?  Then I guess that’s what we all are sometimes.. okay most times.

But then the miss why-are-you-so-pessimistic always comes along: “at least that’s better than not putting effort into any friendships at all!”  Hmm.. craaazy as it sounds, I think some of us do that as well.

Take a step back, then take a step up–put some real, legitimate effort into all relationships.  If you’re supposed to reflect Christ in relationships with others, how can you do that if you don’t put effort into them?

Right on.

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