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My Autobiography- Not In Stores Soon


Don’t judge me.  Usually people do “judge” when they hear someone has an autobiography and think “uhhh, that person definitely doesn’t have crazy enough of a life to have an autobiography.”

No one’s ever going to read it.  Ever.  I think, unless it’s like my twin brother (I don’t have one…..) or the wife I don’t even have yet.

The point isn’t to actually have a book of mental deepness and goodness.  The point is, if I call it a “journal” or a “diary” or whatever they call them and I don’t type it on my computer, this “autobiography” will become like all of the other “journals” I’ve started: nonexistent.

Some of the thoughts and things will make it here to the blog.  Basically: I love writing and I like putting my thoughts down but I’m too lazy to write it by hand and I don’t want to make “private posts” here on WP and accidentally not make them private or etc. whatever.

Anyways, be excited.  For me, I guess, since there’s nothing for you all to be excited about for yourselves in this matter.

Right on!

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