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It’s really hard to play without a band…


Today was “missions night” at Grace on Campus, so we were split into three separate lecture halls as opposed to the usual one.  To make things easier on our sound guys and to just keep it simple, I had three of us leading on acoustic, one in each room.  Good for a change for sure.

Things are simpler are also easier, right? Uhh, no.. definitelyyy not.

It was sure fun to do a just-acoustic thing, but man am I spoiled leading with an electric guitar on a regular basis!  I was reminded tonight of the oh-so-joyful pains of leading on an acoustic and strumming myself to death.  Man oh man! Normally I get to just strum once and pick a few strings out, not do too much.  But when I HAVE to strum, it’s just all kinds of bad news!

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated having a full band more.  The completeness of sound is simply priceless.  The rhythm, the pads and strings, the low end.  mmmmmmm.

I am SO looking forward to next week.

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