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Confessions of a Giants fan


I’m thankful the Giants won the World Series.  Sounds weird yeah?  Read on.

Oh, the Giants won the World Series yesterday, if you haven’t heard from inside your remote cavernous lair.  woooot.  Lincecum win and Wilson save– can’t get much better than that for a last game of the postseason.  Even though I didn’t get to watch the end of the  last game (the best part!!!), I’m a mix of shocked/happy/amused/pumped/proud/content/you-get-the-gist.  One word that I think sums it up is: elated.  Kind of like this:

Actually, I think I just wanted to use the word “elated.”  Haha.

Anyways, I think sometimes it’s funny how ridiculous we can be when we’re excited by something.  We go nuts.  And there’s no stopping that for quite a while.  Hahah good times.  A typical big-win celebration: “WOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAHHHHHHHH! YEAH! YEAH YEAH! YEAHHH BABYYY”  *jump *jump *jump *missed high five *high five.  Anyways, excitement.  Yes.  Excitement……

So I want to be really careful here– this is simply something I’ve been thinking about for myself.  It is by no means a judgment on anyone else or a comment on the state of society as we know it or anything like that.  It’s about myself and not meant to be a knock on anyone– but hopefully it can be helpful to others!  (Otherwise I wouldn’t have tried to post about it!)


late last night, after not being able to experience the “in-the-moment” excitement with my friends, I started to think.  Thought: “When’s the last time I got that excited about God?  When’s the last time I got that excited about reading my Bible?  When’s the last time I got that excited about prayer?  When’s the last time I got that excited about Christ?  When’s the last time I got that excited about my salvation?”

Sadly, the answer to each of these questions might be “maybe never.”  Not even sad, but maybe possibly definitely just plain pathetic.  So often I sing, say, think, pray and promise that Christ would be the center of my life and that His glory would be the end-all of my life.

But in my worldliness and self-absorbedness, I am more excited by the things of this world– by the Giants winning, by electric guitars, by A’s on tests, by success, by girls, by jokes, by you-name-it-other-than-He-Who-deserves-my-excitement.  Not that all outward expression is always the best indicator of the heart, but I think that Matthew 12:34 can be extended here.  Out of the abundance of our hearts, we emote.  We get excited.  We’re sobered. We’re saddened.  We’re activated to action.  Or not.

Needless to say, yesterday and today have involved some serious re-calibration.  Which has been GREAT. I’m so thankful that the Lord God is gracious and faithful.

And that’s why I’m thankful that the Giants won the World Series.  What a “World Series” of a reminder.  A thousand times I’ve failed, still Your mercy remains…

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