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The young man of leadership caliber will work while others waste time, study while others snooze, pray while others daydream.  Slothful habits are overcome, whether in thought, deed, or dress.  The emerging leader eats right, stands tall, and prepares himself to wage spiritual warfare.  He will without reluctance undertake the unpleasant task that others avoid or the hidden duty that others evade because it wins no public applause.  As the Spirit fills his life, he learns not to shrink from difficult situations or retreat from hard-edged people.  He will kindly and courageously administer rebuke when that is called for, or he will exercise the necessary discipline when the interests of the Lord’s work demand it.  He will not procrastinate, but will prefer to dispatch with the hardest tasks first.  His persistent prayer will be:

“God, harden me against myself,

The coward with pathetic voice

Who craves for ease and rest and joy.

Myself, arch-traitor to myself,

My hollowest friend,

My deadliest foe,

My clog, whatever road I go.”

-from Spiritual Leadership, by J. Oswald Sanders

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