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Today is Sunday.  Sundays are great.  The Lord’s Day!  Today seemed to be exceptional for some reason (although I’ll probably say the same next week)…

Car audio was broken, so I sang “I Stand Amazed” to myself the whole way to church.

Got the chance to help an older woman download our pastor John MacArthur’s Grace To You sermon app to her Android.

Reconnected with an old friend and set plans.

Talked with an Italian brother in seminary and gave him my info so as to be a resource to him for help with English.

Great sermons from Pastor John and Pastor Rick.

Brought to emotions’ end from singing about and contemplating the Gospel.

Good conversations with faithful friends.

CRAZY good and insightful ASPIRE seminar.

And just in case it seems like I’m becoming the hero of my own story (as I too often am), I’m extreeeemely thankful that God Himself gave me these opportunities and situations today.  He is good to us in “small” ways.  Overall, though, there was a certain sweetness of fellowship and deepness of sincerity in worship that the Lord enabled in/for me today that I was absolutely stoked about.  Definitely refreshed and reminded of the importance of the church today.

More posts with actual content coming soon, real soon!

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  1. 04/12/2011 10:29 am

    Very cool!

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