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Please refill the ice cube tray.


Yesterday was a hot day.  And… I made the mistake of eating a bowl of noodle soup for lunch.  Since I suffer from sweat attacks (yes, I live that passionately), I’ve developed a system to deal with the all-too-common situation.  I drink water.  Ice water that is.

See, my thinking is that if I put something cold through my body, I’ll cool down a lot quicker than even if I try to stand by the window or blast the fan in my face..

Don’t judge me.  It works!

And yes, I take showers.  Just FYI.

As a “partner” at the Big Green Morning Drink Company, I’ve of course got a routine for my ice water “beverages.

Grab cup.  Open freezer.  Put cup on freezer sill.  Take ice tray and twist to loosen ice.

Four or five ice cubes and filtered water to the top..

Wow I feel cooler already.

Ice tray back into slot.

WAIT… I did it again.  I do it almost every time.  I say to myself that I really should refill the ice tray.  But my reflex is not to.  If I want ice water later (let alone someone else), there’ll be no ice if I don’t.  That could be bad.  Really bad, especially if I start to get hot again.  And, honestly, I don’t refill the tray much of the time.  Maybe I’m the only one in the world whose first inclination is to just put the tray back in empty even though the sink is right there?

It’s similar with spiritual disciplines in our Christian lives.  We know that “refilling the ice tray”– reading the Word, studying the Word, praying, etc.– can ultimately only be good for us “later” (and most often sooner than later, spiritually speaking).  But our natural, undisciplined inclination is to (even consciously) NOT do something we know will be good for us.  And beyond all of this, these are things commanded of us and expected of us as disciples of Christ.

The sink is right there.  It’s easily accessible.

End of analogy.  Add on the fact that we are to find delight in the study of the Word and supply for life in Scripture’s pages.  Praying is talking to God simply put.  Not drudgery.  Find delight in spiritual disciplines knowing that God’s made them for our good, both now and later!

By the way, I refilled the ice tray yesterday in case you were wondering.

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  1. Brandon permalink
    07/28/2011 4:20 pm

    Haha! Cool analogy! And I love the new site design!

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