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Blog Update: -ology, first world problems, leading worship, worship music, and gear


I can’t sleep.

So I’m writing this.

So instead of continually posting about cool magical things that I have been thinking about and will write about in the vague future and then never getting to it because I start thinking about something else that I start to want to write about…

I’m going to actually start writing.

Lately, the things I’ve been thinking a lot about (at least things that I want to share here or that aren’t extremely unoriginal) can be put into a few nice little cubbyholes, if you will. (insert disclaimer allowing me to add more cubbyholes)

Anyways, these things are:
#1- “-ology”: basically Christian living, or living in the world as a Christian (secular music, eating vegetables, drinking orange juice to the glory of God).

#2- #firstworldproblem: inspired by a twitter hashtag thingy. The idea that us Christians in the “first world” live pathetically comfortably and all of it without a second thought (how do I use Netflix to the glory of God? #firstworldproblem, what percentage of my money should I give to the church when I get back from the Galapagos Islands? #firstworldproblem).

#3- Leading Worship: the Lord blessed me with an incredible opportunity to lead worship for 2 years (1.5 or 2.5 depending on how you look at it) at a giant college fellowship at a giant university connected to a giant church. It was a hugely helpful learning experience (I’m still there now, just not leading worship). Basically, I hope to unwrap some of the thinking that I developed over that time and am still developing now on music ministry.

#4- Worship Music: my buildup of thoughts on band dynamics, lyrics, instrumentation, mixing, music theory (learning a lot right now), and other related topics.

#5- Gear: I don’t want this to turn into a gear blog by any means because I’m no expert, but I do enjoy all things guitar-gear related. I’ll try not to make this too nerdy!

Anyways, that’s a lot. And after typing this all up on my itouch, I feel like I should just type up all my thoughts on life right now. ;]

But seriously, expect a flurry of posts starting… Now!

Oh, and thanks for reading!

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