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Do you guys have ranch sauce?


Thought about this the other day when I was eating.  We like to insult the chef.  Subtly, perhaps, and often unintentionally.  Like ranch-sauce-covered gourmet barbeque chicken pizza, incredible homemade Thai drenched in sriracha, or ketchup-smothered Ruth’s Chris steak, we forsake the purity of the Gospel and water it down to liken it to our taste and to fit our needs.

Deeds, a righteousness of our own proving, easy(or easier) believism.  The list of condiments goes on.

I was reading Paul’s testimony in Acts 26 today and was struck by the purity and clarity with which Paul describes his conversion.  Without a doubt, he relates to Agrippa the Gospel and its profound effect on his life–not his profound effect on the Gospel (and that’s Paul out of all people) or even his own commentary on the Gospel!

God’s Gospel, not my own!

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