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An illustration: What Communion and Doing Laundry have in common


Today, I got the chance to participate in communion at church, which is always a simultaneously sobering and joyous event. I also happened to do laundry (which is always a good thing), and before I knew it I got to thinking.

Communion and laundry have a lot in common. I don’t mean that in an irreverent way.

Communion, although clearly defined by Paul in 1 Corinthians 11 as a remembrance of the Lord’s death (and often well-practiced in that regard I might add), becomes somewhat of a laundry session. We wash the dirty clothing that is our sin in the form of confession and simply enjoy forgiveness. Often times, that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong- this kind of confession and joyful acceptance of forgiveness is good. Confession is a biblical word and this practice a solid biblical concept. But perhaps where I go wrong with communion is that I stop short of complete repentance. I don’t wash the dirty laundry bag that the clothes were in, if you will. I return the clean clothes into my dirty hamper of a heart, essentially making the clothes as soiled as they were before. Left to a pattern of such laundry sessions, my heart can easily be swayed from faith-alone dependence to a works-based practicality.

I turn away from my sin because the atmosphere is right to do so, but I ignore the hard work in the ensuing hours and days that it takes to iron out the wrinkles that are in the way of becoming more like my Savior. The sweetest part is left out- turning to Christ’s righteousness!

May we always use communion as an opportunity to remember and repent, not just mechanically confess. Let’s always wash our hamper-hearts along with our soiled sinful garments as we renounce sin, remember our Lord’s death, and embrace His righteousness.

And if it means anything to you, I wash the laundry bag every time. ;]

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