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Battling Stewardship With Stewardship


It’s finals season again. That last push before the holidays, when everyone is cramming, cramming in a bit more procrastinating, and cramming a bit more to make up for said procrastination. Thankfully, this year I don’t have to be a part of such wonderful festivities.

Based on the past four years, my experience has been that I readily brushed off my relationship with God because I was busy being a steward of the education He had given me. A really really good steward, mind you. It always went something like this:

If I don’t read my Bible today.. err.. this week I can probably make up for it after I beast finals and break starts. After I sleep in a few days and catch up with home church friends…


If I don’t pray like I usually do, it’s really okay cause I don’t have the time. God knows where my heart’s at. Besides, I listen to Christian music while I study! Oh! And.. and.. I pray before allll of my tests. Mhm yes.

So two encouragements for this week for my dear friends of the university-level persuasion during these times of intense academic study:

1: Stay rooted deeply in the Word, for reading and dwelling on the very words of our God Almighty are far too central to life as Christians to be neglected even for a week. Be devoted to prayer, because our petitions and praises directly to God are a daily lifeline for us. Let your stewardship of the Bible and of communion with God win out over the very important stewardship of studies for even just 5 focused minutes (implied “or more, if possible”).

2: Realize this predicament of stewardship of spiritual disciplines versus stewardship of education is not just as simple as stated above (“one or the other must win out, and that’s that!”) That would make it only a matter of spiritual health for the here and now. On a grander scale, the integrity of our entire spiritual character is developed or disintegrated during periods of high “life” volume like this. Our own discipline, faithfulness, and dependence are shaped through these times (in relation to spiritual disciplines and not!). So are our perceptions of these spiritual concepts (i.e. What it means for God to be “faithful” is strengthened or weakened in our minds because our perception of faithfulness repeatedly says it’s okay or not to neglect spiritual matters during finals. Our perceptual constructs build on themselves).

Mostly, times of life like finals season are “spiritually dry” times. With the Lord’s grace, though, we can battle stewardship with stewardship and come out with fully realized and more fully grown versions of each stewardship!

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