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I Got a Kindle #firstworldblessings


I got a Kindle last week.  I like it a lot.

For the past few months, I haven’t had a computer (I keep alluding to a post about that, and it will come!).  The Lord has really used that period of time to challenge my thinking on technology and the way I use it.

One of the practical manifestations of that time has been an increased appetite for reading.  Reading rocks.  Overall, I’ve come to the conclusion that (1)more Bible is always good and (2)other Christian books are good too but end up being expensive.  Womp womp, dilemma.

Enter the Amazon Kindle.  Great tool.  Grabbed one on Craigslist for a really, really good price.  It packs quite a punch and might not be something everyone nowadays is looking for, but for me it’s been a really neat thing to have.

Some assorted pluses to the Kindle that I’ve found:

  • lots of free older books/authors (think Edwards, Bunyan, etc.)
  • reads PDFs well (free Piper PDFs, resources saved from before, sheet music)
  • most books are cheaper than the hard copies
  • you can send personal documents and PDFs to your Kindle
  • highlights and notes are indexed
  • the anti-glare screen is superb
  • battery life is a non-issue
  • portability/accessibility=wowow

After some research I ended up with what they call the “Kindle Keyboard.”  It is not the latest version (the Kindle Touch is).  The Kindle Keyboard 3G that I have has two advantages over other versions (including the Touch): 3G works for the browser anywhere not just the Kindle Store, and landscape view functions for personal documents.  Minute details for anyone who cares.  Anyone? Crickets.

My Kindle has a web browser which can be used anywhere there’s Sprint 3G signal.  That’s definitely a plus in my books (can be used to get directions, etc.)  But it’s definitely not something to hang your hat on.  I’ve actually found that part of what sets the Kindle apart from– say, the Ipad– is that the incapability of the Kindle is what will keep me reading and not watching videos or playing with other things on it.  Sounds strange but it’s entirely true.  I can take my Bible and Kindle to Starbucks and sit there for hours relatively focused on reading.

To be honest, I still see the need for print books.  There are some books that I’m just going to want to read, mark up, highlight, underline, and own.  My Bible being one of them, but not the only in such a category.  However, the Kindle really creates a whole new facet of reading for me where there’s no excuse to not read (if that makes sense).  The accessibility, portability, and reference-ability are no-turning-back features of the Kindle that I am enjoying greatly. I’m not going to guarantee that a Kindle will grow your desire to read, but if you at all consider yourself a reader (or growing reader!) this is definitely worth a shot.

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