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Come Thou Long Expected NBA


It’s Christmas Eve today.  That means Christmas is tomorrow, Sunday.  The NBA also starts up tomorrow.

Let’s be honest.  There’s an obvious conflict in some of our hearts’ and minds’ attentions with the NBA, Christmas, and church being on the same day.  My point here is not to call everyone out on being excited for the NBA season.  We all know the right thinking here– to guard from the NBA overtaking the “real reason for the season.” I trust most of us are actively battling potentially sinful thoughts and mis-priorities in this regard.  And I’m glad for that.  That’s good.

Rather, my point is to use this situation where our sensitivity is heightened by the Christ-centered season to strengthen our convictions for times when it is not heightened.

So, how about when there’s no “reason for the season” reason?  When it’s not Christmastime–when there’s no reason to have a heightened awareness of our possible mis-prioritization?  How do we do with mis-prioritization then?  Do we crowd out thoughts of Christ and breeze through church on the regular?

We need to see Christ, the church, and other biblical priorities in life in a way that these types of “issues” of priorities become non-issues!

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