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An Illustration: Toy-Story-Two Thankfulness


I’m no movie buff but something someone said to me today reminded me of Toy Story.  Toy Story 2, actually.  The part where Mr. Potato Head saves 3 of the aliens from falling out of the truck as the toys chase creepy-Al’s-Toy-Barn Al.  These guys:


From then on out in the movie, the aliens repeatedly express their gratitude: “YOU HAVE SAVED OUR LIVES; WE ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.”  A droning chorus of alienesque voices.  Incessant thankfulness.

These green guys certainly leave something to be desired in the lifeless and robotic way in which they give their thanks, but their gratitude is never-ending.  It’s faithful.  A strange model of what we should have as Christians.

Faithful thankfulness to God for His faithfulness, goodness, graciousness, and love toward us.  It’s Toy-Story-Two thankfulness.  It’s biblical thankfulness.

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