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Hodgepodge 4/17


Hodgepodge is a concept taken from Tim Challies (A La Carte) that I think will help me to blog more regularly.  I usually feel like I need to present fully formed thoughts, but lately I’ve been thinking that doesn’t always have to be the case.  So here goes.. hodgepodge!

Eye contact: It’s something that I’ve noticed is devastatingly missing nowadays.  I think it’s a very important part of face-to-face interaction, and not at all something that should even be a matter of question when it comes to interaction “musts.”  I’m not too sure if it’s a generational-technological thing (eye contact with phone instead) or a general social concept that’s in the process of being lost, but it definitely seems like it’s gotten to a very sad point.  People get very, very uncomfortable when you actually do make eye contact with them.  Don’t worry man, I’m just trying to show you I’m paying attention to you while you’re talking!

GOC Music Team Workshop Day: Was yesterday.  It was a really neat time to work through practical musical things together, discuss spiritual issues, and just spend time together not doing overtly preparatory work like we normally do.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Perhaps the best part for myself was the discussion we had about the “balance” between internal and external worship– how much we should focus on our worship “on the inside” and how that relates to our outward expression.  It resurfaced a lot of thoughts about why this is such an unsettled issue in churches today and what our role as worship leaders and musicians is to help ameliorate the situation.  It’s certainly a toughie.

Fender ’52 Tele Reissue: Recently got one used at a really good price, and boy this thing is amazing.  The J45 ended my acoustic “search,” and I think between this Telecaster and my Gibson Les Paul Studio (my first electric guitar) I’m settling into what I’ll stick with for a long, long while in terms of electric guitars.  To think– two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between some of these guitars!

Sovereign Grace’s “From Age to Age”: Sovereign Grace Music came out with a new album a week or two ago.  Fantastic.  Good arrangements, and even better lyrics.  As with most albums, a few of the tracks stick out more than others.  My favorite so far is “How Great You Are.”  The section in that song with the horns is epic!

Experimenting with drinks: I work at Starbucks.  When I first started working there, I started experimenting with the different possibilities of drinks.  Then, I stopped when I found something that I really liked (Black Tea Lemonade with Raspberry syrup).  I’ve decided I’m going to start trying to experiment again just for the fun of it!

That’s a wrap!

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