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In regards to summer reading


The non-school related kind.  The this-is-my-epic-list-of-books-recommended-by-godly-people kind of summer reading.  Or these-are-all-the-books-on-topics-that-I’ve-been-interested-in-for-the-past-year kind.  You catch my drift.

Most of these books are probably super helpful.  Most of them will help us to think more rightly about God, and to fine-tune our lives around what pleases Him.

But these types of books have one major flaw.  They’re not the Bible.  They’re not divinely inspired.  They may quote Scripture (if we even read the quotations closely or look up the references…!) or use biblical principles to draw very biblically based statements and conclusions, but they’re not Scripture.

They’re secondary sources of biblical truth.

Given our limited attention and retention of what we read in our technology-fueled-information-overload world, we need to contextualize even the good things we read to the ultimately authoritative thing we should be reading.  The Bible.

(And maybe decrease or change the way/speed we read these good things).  (And maybe increase our quality/quantity of Bible reading).

So, read books.  Read lots of books.  But value reading the Bible itself even more!

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