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The Week 1 Small Group Quiz


I won’t quite be sharing anything and everything from small group this year, but here’s a “quiz” I gave the guys the first week of small group.  It was a “challenge” of sorts as well as a test-taste of the types of things we’ll be learning together this year.  It’s not comprehensive, but it’s a good measuring stick!  See how you do, just for fun.


1)      Write out the Gospel in 3 reasonable sentences.

2)      What book of the Bible did Jesus quote the most?

3)      Where is Christ first mentioned/alluded to in the Bible?

4)      Name the 5 major covenants of Biblical history.  With whom did God make each one?

5)      What is the Day of Atonement?  Where is it found in the Bible? Why is it significant?

6)      What is Pentecost?  Where is it found in the Bible?  Why is it significant?

7)      If someone were to ask you why/how Gentiles can be saved, what passages would you use?

8)      What languages was the Bible originally written in?

9)      Why are some translations of the Bible (NASB, ESV) considered to be “better” than others (NIV)?

10)   What is the book of the Bible that you read/know the most?  What is the context?  What is a one-sentence summary of the book?  Write an outline below.


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