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Media-based Convictions.


Our generation of Christians is in deep trouble if we continue to develop our theology from videos on the Internet, Christian music, and blog posts. This blog post included. We seem to be willing to nod our heads in agreement with anything that has the right amount of pathos. You see, if others have ‘liked’ it, we should too. It’s the herd mentality. We do this without even thinking through things like we should, because we are too lazy, unwilling, or worldly to develop biblical convictions. It may very well be that we’re not aware that we need to. Well, now’s the time to start.

Instead, Christians, we need to depend on the infallible and unchanging Word of God as our sole source and standard of truth. Then, we’ll be able to watch, listen, and read these other things with biblical discernment and use them to help us be molded into the image of His Son.


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